Types Of Learners – Visual Learners

You love to look up some good infographics on the internet to remember the new topic you talked today in school? Then chances are high that you are a Visual Learner. This guide shows you how to use pictures to remember things.

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best learning for kinesthetic learners

Types Of Learners – Kinesthetic Learners

You tap yourself that you are often using gestures while explaining things? Then you are very likely to be a Kinesthetic Learner. I show you how you can use some active learning strategies to learn better.

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Best Learn methods For The Read Writing Learner type

Types of Learners – Read-Write Learners

You remember things the best when  you are writing them down? Then you are most likely a Read-Writer Learner. Here I have some new ideas to lern better with the classic method of learning by texts.

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beast learning for auditory learners

Types Of Learners – Auditory Learners

You like to listen while your teacher is speaking and you remember things best if you speak them? Then you are most likely to be a Auditory Learner. But how can a Auditory Learner learn best?

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test to find your perfect learn strategy best types of learners quiz

Types Of Learners – Test

Everyone is different. And that’s why everyone is also learning in a different way. This test will help you to find out which type of learner you are and with which strategies you can learn better, faster and more effective.

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